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Recipe for Referrals

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

How do the most successful realtors market themselves to generate quality referrals? The answer to this question is a fascinating mix.

Since our inception, we’ve been working with some of the very best realtors in the business. I am always impressed by the multifaceted marketing strategies they use.

But no matter how distinctly these thriving realtors mix their marketing, all of them absolutely, positively have one thing in common: consistent customer outreach.

Take Rich Gribbon. Rich is a top-five realtor at RE/MAX of Boulder in Colorado – named the #1 single RE/MAX office in the U.S. for 2017 sales volume. Rich has been in the business for 24 years. The heart and soul of his marketing strategy has always been consistent customer outreach.

He’s found many ways to put this strategy into action (see Rich’s recipe for referrals in the infographic below). I’m proud to say that direct mail with Reaching Neighbors figures prominently in Rich’s marketing.

“With Reaching Neighbors, I show up in my customers’ mailboxes every single month, in a great looking format, with relevant information,” Rich says. “It’s probably only a 3-second interaction, but these mailings remind my customers that I’m still here, still doing good work, still happy to help them with any and every real estate issue.”

“It’s really powerful, and Reaching Neighbors has made it easy.“

Rich mails a 6” x 9” color postcard newsletter to clients every month. We set up a color template for Rich with his unique branding: logo, photograph, fonts and colors. During the first week of the month, Rich or his assistant sends us two paragraphs of text, images and market stats – as well as any updates to his customer list. We plug those into his template, send him a proof, then go to print and mail. Done and done.

Rich Gribbon's monthly postcard newsletter.
Rich's monthly postcard newsletter sent by Reaching Neighbors.

“It takes less than an hour of my time and attention every month,” Rich says. “Clients see these as valuable because the information is good. The postcards let me make a positive impression with a large number of people consistently, and that is key.”

Rich Gribbon's recipe for referrals

Rich also mails Just Listed/Just Sold postcards using our online utility, where he can define new geographic targets. He’s been averaging 2 of these mailings per month for the last year or so. Any leads Rich sees from these mailings are added to his customer database.

“My assistant can generate Just Listed/Just Sold postcards using your online system in about 15 minutes,” Rich says. “It’s a great way to start new pipelines in neighborhoods where everyone is buzzing about a recent sale or listing.”

Rich stresses that direct mail marketing is just one facet in his overall mix. Perhaps the difference is that Rich makes sure every facet of his marketing, including direct mail, is productive for his business.

“Marketing has to happen. But my focus has to be on providing top-notch service, or all the marketing in the world won’t matter,” Rich says. “So I set up a disciplined marketing strategy that is consistent and meaningful, but doesn't require a big investment of time and money.”

Rich’s reputation for excellence combined with consistent customer outreach has helped him build a network of referrals that feeds itself. Curious about building your own cruise-control marketing strategy? Contact us to get started.

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