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Smart Promotional Products

Reaching Neighbors has just launched a new line of promotional products we think you’re going to love. It fits right in with our mission to help you nurture and grow your customer relationships. Here's how:

Chosen wisely, a logo’d gift can be worth its weight in marketing gold. Clients love freebies, use them, remember you because of them, and are often inspired to return the kindness they convey.

Give Relevant Gifts

Keep your logo out of the garbage bin – this is rule #1. Does that mean you must avoid lower-cost items? Absolutely not. Rather, focus on utility to avoid the crap trap. We’ve put together a wide variety of items that allow you to home in on individual customers, with great gifts they’ll actually use. For example, is your clients’ new home on a golf course they’ll play? How about a fresh golf towel to use over and over? Are your clients buying a home with a gorgeous cook’s kitchen? A bamboo cutting board is likewise sleek and will keep you top of mind. You get the idea.

The Mutual-Kindness Effect

A thoughtful gift can inspire a basic, yet extremely powerful social response: reciprocation. For realtors and lenders, clients reciprocate by giving you referrals and repeat business . . . and it goes even further. Because of reciprocation, a smart logo’d gift becomes a meaningful and memorable customer connection. As you’ve read in this space many times, meaningful customer connections lead to meaningful relationships, which are key to building a business with staying power!

Cruise-Control Closings

Instead of scrambling last minute for closing gifts, and defaulting to an undistinguished bottle of wine that delivers no marketing value, do a little planning. Pre-purchase a 6- or 12-month supply of smart logo’d closing gifts. Lose the stress, save time & money, and show up to every closing with a great gift. Examples for realtors? A tool set, a good home flashlight, a new set of grocery tote bags. All of these items are useful, durable and great looking. With your custom-printed logo, they will keep you top of mind.

Details, Details

Your logo on a coffee mug, blanket, or water bottle looks great. It works great if you include some essential contact details, like your phone number and website. This is especially important for realtors and lenders, so in-the-moment referrals can be acted upon immediately.

Done right, swag can work marketing wonders. At Reaching Neighbors, our durable and meaningful promotional products go beyond “tchotchkes” to deliver real value to your business. Check them out. If we can offer some guidance, give us a shout and we’ll follow up with you right away.

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