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Invest in your Client Relationships

Advertising fatigue – when consumers feel overwhelmed or annoyed by relentless promotion. If you’ve ever felt this, chances are the people on your list have felt it as well. So how do you give your marketing messages a chance to stick with individuals who are constantly bombarded with offerings asking them to take action? By making sure that you are adding value to your database.

Think about it like this, if your ultimate goal is to build top-of-mind awareness then the most important action you can take is consistently get your name in front of your list. Sending something like a local sports team schedule, calendar of major events, favorite recipe, or valuable home maintenance tips can achieve the same purpose without specifically asking something from the people you are mailing to.

If asking someone for repeat business and referrals is a “withdrawal” from the trust bank, then sending your list valuable content that they will enjoy is a “deposit”.

Repetitively making deposits means that you will be able to make more successful withdrawals in the future.

We have a library full of content that people love to see show up in their mailbox. Our aim is to help our clients send meaningful and engaging content that positions themselves as experts in their industry, while building top-of-mind awareness and adding value to the lives of the people part of their database.

Get in touch with our team today to see examples of our content, as well as explore what it would look like to deploy a carefully crafted direct mail campaign to your list.

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