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Chasing Transactions vs. Building Relationships

In real estate, lending and virtually every small business, there can be a tendency to focus most marketing resources on working cold leads.

A lot of the time businesses are trying to turn complete strangers into clients. While it’s important to mine new pipelines, working cold leads is supremely difficult. It’s time consuming, unfocused, and not very fruitful.

There is a better way: Build on the relationships you already have with current clients, past clients, family and social circles. In doing so, you will shift your marketing paradigm to a referral model.

Every business case ever proves that marketing by referral is the most cost-effective way to build a thriving, successful business.

By cultivating your relationships - and asking for their business and referrals - you eventually create a pipeline of strong leads that consistently convert into sales and continue to build upon themselves.

Direct mail is one of the strongest channels available to put a referral marketing plan into action. Postcards are a cost-effective, cruise-control method for staying in touch with past clients consistently and in perpetuity!

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