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EDDM: What You Need To Know


Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a service offered by the United States Postal Service that allows businesses to send marketing materials to every address on a particular mail carrier's route.

Rather than having to purchase a mailing list, EDDM enables you to blanket specific neighborhoods with your advertising.

But is this saturation mail strategy right for your business? Let's look at some of the key pros and cons of EDDM.

Pros of Using EDDM

Affordable Pricing - EDDM has much lower postage rates compared to regular direct mail since you avoid per-piece charges and only pay a flat fee based on the route's size. For most neighborhoods, you're looking at just 18.7 cents per mail piece.

Reach a Targeted Geographic Area - You can zero in on particular areas like your business's neighborhood, lucrative areas for your product/service, or anywhere potential customers reside.

No Mailing List Required - Since you're blanketing entire routes, there's no need to rent or purchase a mailing list. This further reduces your direct mail costs.

Cons of Using EDDM

Lack of Demographic Filters - While you can target geographic areas, EDDM lacks the demographic filters of a mailing list. Your mail pieces go to every household whether they are your target customer or not.

Design Restrictions - To meet USPS requirements, your EDDM mail piece must be a menu, flyer, or similar item no larger than 9" x 12". Strict sizing and formatting rules limit your creativity.

Delivery Timeline - The Postal Service makes no guarantees on EDDM delivery dates. Your marketing could take 1-2 weeks or longer to fully saturate a carrier route.

Harder to Track ROI - Since you don't have a defined mailing list, measuring responses and return on investment is more challenging with EDDM compared to targeted direct mail.

Should You Use EDDM?

Every Door Direct Mail offers an affordable way to locally saturate neighborhoods with your advertising without a mailing list. However, you sacrifice precision targeting and metrics in exchange for this low-cost blanket coverage.

Each direct mail is different and whether or not you use EDDM really depends on your budget and campaign goals. Connect with a Reaching Neighbors team member today for a free consultation to develop and efficient and effective campaign aimed at achieving your specific goals!

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