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Fresh Ideas for Direct Mail Content

As a professional who markets themself, you know the struggle is real when it comes to developing fresh, engaging content for your direct mail campaigns. After all, you can only send the same old postcard or flyer so many times before your audience starts tuning you out.

At Reaching Neighbors, we understand the content conundrum all too well. That's why we've built an extensive library of proven, versatile direct mail content that our clients can leverage to keep their campaigns feeling new, creative, and attention-grabbing. Here are some of our favorite ideas for content:

Major & Monthly Event Calendars

These area-specific schedules increase shelf-life by giving the people on your mail list something to hold onto. They'll be sure to give your postcard a second glance (and many more) when they see information about events happening in their community.

Recipes for Seasonal Meals

Who doesn't want new ideas for a refreshing drink in the summer, a hearty soup in the winter, or a special holiday side dish? While you may not be a chef, sharing something like a recipe can build a personal connection and repeated recognition as someone references it.

Home Maintenance Tips

If you are in a home selling or service related industry, you can build your expertise by sharing tips on how to best protect, repair, and take care of homes. Tips like these can build the type of trusting relationship you are looking for in a potential client.

Industry Expertise

Leverage your industry knowledge and share it with the people on your mailing list in a way that shows you are able to help them navigate situations that require an expert. For example, share insights into the current real estate market or bust certain popular myths they may have heard. Your name will come to mind when they think of a professional in your industry.

Are you ready to refresh your direct mail content with proven, creative concepts? Reach out to learn how Reaching Neighbors' extensive content library can keep your campaigns engaging, innovative and 100% on-brand.

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