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How direct mail fits

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

Brian Buffini is an internationally known sales guru. His training programs have helped countless realtors and lenders grow their businesses precipitously. Mr. Buffini touts four keys to success:

  1. Build a database of solid client relationships

  2. Provide them with excellent service they'll remember during the selling process

  3. Stay in constant contact so they'll think of you when they need a professional

  4. Become the person they trust and recommend to friends and family

Every point is important, but let’s zero in on #3: Stay in constant contact so they’ll think of you when they need a professional.

This is where direct mail fits in – direct mail done right that is.

With true professionalism and consistency, direct mail postcards can meet this imperative very effectively. Do direct mail postcards need to look fantastic? YES. Should the copy be letter-perfect and on point? ABSOLUTELY. Should the messaging be timely and meaningful? IT HELPS. And finally, should your postcards arrive with clockwork consistency? YES . . . over and over again.

As a physically delivered message, great-looking and well-written postcards will make a positive impression that can drive referrals. More importantly, they remind the recipient that you consider her a worthwhile client.

Reaching Neighbors makes smart, consistent direct mail easy.

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