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Partner Up to Push Yourself

Updated: May 23, 2018

Sales can be lonely work.

Most realtors, lenders and small business owners launched their careers aiming for independence. But sometimes, running your own show can be too insular. This is especially true for those working from home.

From time to time, it’s crucial to pick your head up and connect with others – including competitors – to get fresh ideas, insights, energy, and even accountability.

Our own sales pro, Margo Temkin, recently met with a group of San Antonio real estate agents, who have put this idea into action. These agents have partnered up to hold one another accountable, share wisdom and push smart customer outreach.

Every week following their firm’s sales meeting, these realtors meet in set pairs for 15 minutes. The first 10 minutes are absolutely, positively dedicated to customer-outreach goals. For example:

  • Outreach to former clients, family, friends and neighbors.

  • How many contacts were reached in the past 7 days?

  • What did that outreach look like? New and creative approaches?

  • A direct mail postcard?

  • A phone call?

  • Personal hand-written note?

  • Pop by?

“Through talking and strategizing, each pair of realtors drew the conclusion that baseline customer outreach is key – and the more cruise-control it is the better,” explains Margo.

“I set up a unique postcard program for each of these realtors individually,” she says.

Now, each realtor is reaching out to his or her sphere at least once a month with branded and informative direct mail.

After 10 minutes of talking customer outreach, these realtor pairs spend 5 minutes checking in on day-to-day business aspects; things like strategy during difficult deals, market knowledge, upcoming listings and buyers. It’s shared wisdom that increases business acumen while decreasing the isolation that can accompany independence.

Here’s to the self-made brokers, agents and small business people who relish their autonomy but understand the huge benefits of collaboration – for their success and sanity!

Make once-a-month customer outreach easy. Contact Reaching Neighbors to create a cruise-control direct mail program that is 100% YOU branded!

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