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Results Drive Respect

We were gratified, as we always are, to see yet another positive performance review on the power of direct mail marketing.

This time the experts at Target Marketing Magazine weighed in with Why Direct Mail is the Rodney Dangerfield of Media.

"Like the famed Energizer Bunny, the direct mail channel keeps performing. For most clients, their direct mail programs reliably bring in more leads than any other single channel. By a lot."

The article is spot on and worth the 2-minute read. I’d add a few more ideas to the mix:

  • First, if you’re using smart direct mail (consistent, great-looking, targeted, professional) to reach prospects and clients, you can be confident that you’re investing in a sales channel that’s been tried, tested and proven effective.

  • The onslaught of e-mail marketing has exponentially increased the power of direct mail. Physical mailboxes aren’t as full as they used to be. That means your direct mail messages stand out and get through.

  • Customers trust direct mail more than e-mail messaging. For example, a recent study showed that hands-down, millennials put a higher degree of trust in financial services offers that arrive in their mail boxes. E-mail marketing is cheap. Get it?

  • That said, e-mail marketing combined with smart direct mail can be potent. With some intentional strategy, you can integrate your digital and direct marketing channels to maximum effect. For example, we can design and time your direct mail postcards to precisely reinforce your digital and social media messaging. This is next-level integration that drives your point home and shows your willingness to invest a little more in your customer relationships.

At Reaching Neighbors, direct mail is our only business. We’ve believed in it since Day 1 and now, 17 booming years later, we are proud as ever to help our small business clients create and grow meaningful customer relationships through this proven channel! Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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