Smart Co-Marketing for Realtors and Lenders

Co-marketing with direct mail can create significant new opportunities for realtors and lenders – whether they are mailing to established clients, or to brand new prospects. Reaching Neighbors offers a host of co-marketing direct mail solutions, with RESPA-compliant split billing. Co-marketing can bring many benefits:

A well-qualified introduction to one another’s clients. When a realtor and a lender together achieve a track record of success getting clients to the closing table, they have something very valuable to leverage. By sending co-branded direct mail postcards to one another’s client lists, the realtor and lender are effectively introducing one another – and gaining the interest of each other’s market. To get to this place, trust is clearly paramount. But if you have done the hard work of building a strong working relationship, it’s extremely worthwhile. Sending co-branding messages can expose you to one another’s qualified clients, who already hold affinity and loyalty for one of you – and this will extend to both of you in important ways.

Collaboration that conveys strength. Co-branded direct mail postcards arrive in the mailbox with two professional logos: a realtor’s and a lender’s. That’s a team. And potential clients see that as a strength. According to the National Association of Realtors, some 45% of first-time home buyers found the mortgage approval process daunting, and they expected their realtor to be involved throughout. By presenting a team, buyers get a message of strength and assurance. That’s a powerful idea.

Marketing budget extension. With co-branding, direct mail costs are shared between both parties, greatly extending the marketing budget. More budget means more creativity, more frequency and most importantly, more reach!

To be RESPA compliant, co-marketing between lenders and realtors requires adherence to specific regulations, specifically regarding billing. Reaching Neighbors offers a split-billing feature that allows each party to pay for their portion of the advertising. With clear invoicing, each party retains a record of full compliance. Contact us to learn more.

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