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Smart Marketing During Your Busiest Season

Real estate comes in waves, and right now it’s full throttle. Amid the frenzy here’s something worth knowing:

The most successful realtors not only close a larger volume of transactions during high season, they also methodically seed their sales pipeline for fall.

Believe it or not, it is possible to do both.

How? During your busiest days, you can work smart to productively generate leads. Three proven routines:

1) Set up a smart drip marketing program with professional direct mail postcards. Hands-down, this is the simplest and most effective way to consistently remind clients of your presence and professionalism, while reaching out to new prospects. It requires almost none of your time or attention, operating in the background to seed your sales pipeline. Our many realtor clients enjoy the confidence and productivity that our drip marketing programs deliver. Your sales funnel stays full because you are not neglecting your contacts – no matter how busy you get.

2) Ask current clients for referrals. When you’re in the thick of a deal, your interactions with clients are frequent. Meanwhile, they are sharing their plans with friends, family and co-workers. Find opportunities to express your appreciation for referrals, and assure clients you will take good care of anyone they recommend you to. Mark milestones (under contract, inspection resolution, loan approval) by dashing off hand-written notes, and include some extra business cards. Do a great job and find a way: Make it your goal to meet at least three new prospects from every deal you’re working.

3) Be disciplined about connecting with previous clients. Long days and warm weather energize homeowners, and give realtors a nice opening for conversation. Call past clients and ask what they’re up to. Give them recommendations on smart improvements, and refer them to tradespeople you trust. Continue to ask for referrals. You will do more of this when things slow down, but make it a goal to spend 30 minutes a day on direct client interactions.

Programs like our cruise-control postcard series are particularly effective at keeping your business top of mind. We create meaningful and valuable content, plug in your unique branding, and handle all facets of mailing. With just one simple set-up meeting, you can orchestrate a year’s worth of high quality client outreach and prospecting. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to do anything. Just continue delivering quality service to your active clients, knowing you are still reaching out to past clients and prospects. When one of those past clients or prospects decides to initiate new business, your name is front and center.

It’s summer realtors, so go go go. But don’t let today’s hustle turn into a nose dive when schools starts. Pay attention to your pipeline – in the smartest, most productive ways possible – and you’ll create a steady stream of business year-round.

Reaching Neighbors creates smart cruise-control marketing programs that hum in the background while you focus on getting deals done right. Contact us to learn more.

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