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Three Examples of Direct Mail Done Right

Picture this: You are standing in front of your mailbox, sorting through today’s delivery. What direct mail pieces stay in your hands and garner your attention the longest? Those that mean something to you. People tune into and hold onto messages that are personally relevant. What can personal relevance spark?

  • Memory. A direct mail postcard with a meaningful message places you squarely within your customer’s life context – and that spurs memory at important moments. Like when a referral opportunity comes up.

  • Action. Arrive in the mailbox with a germane message and those customers who have been thinking about acting will take the next step, seizing the opportunity you provide.

Here are three direct mail examples that hit the mark of personal relevance:

1) Interesting Content for Your Core Customers, aka “Sphere of Influence”

Get in front of your customers on a consistent basis with information that’s useful to them. Check out these Texas postcards. Gorgeous photographs, well researched information, handy dates. These postcards go on the fridge! With YOUR name front and center.

2) Relevant Neighborhood Information for Target Prospects

Residents are always curious about nearby market activity. High quality postcards – with photos and accurate stats – scratch that itch, while demonstrating your commitment to absolute excellence in home marketing.

3) Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards

Neighborhood chatter around recent activity can bring your name to mind during a critical period. Just Listed/Just Sold postcards are a great way to gain a foothold after a successful sale.

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Brenda Stewart
Brenda Stewart
08 mar 2018

Makes a lot of sense!! Thanks Brenda!

Me gusta
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