Trust begins with consistency

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

People buy from those they know and trust. They refer their friends and family the exact same way. So, how do realtors and lenders use marketing to build trust? By reaching out to their clients professionally and consistently.

It’s not rocket science. Done right, smart direct mail gives clients a 3-second reminder once or twice a month. Getting a Reaching Neighbors postcard goes something like this:

“Oh hey, here’s my realtor again. Looks like she’s doing well. I should tell Uncle Joe to ask her about his home value.”

Powerful, right?

Back to the trust issue. Think about it: People are ever more inundated with empty advertising. They will always prefer to do business with those they know and trust.

With consistent and professional direct mail messaging, you can create an image of steadiness, reliability and dependability. It’s a sure way to enhance the trust you worked so hard to build during the sales process. Keep reaching out. It works.


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