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Postcards from the Heart

Have you heard about business letters from the heart? They offer a creative way to connect with your customers personally, by sharing a little bit of who you are outside the business realm.

A letter from the heart is a meaningful, personal message that helps promote lifetime customer relationships.

We offer a unique twist on this very effective tool. Instead of being a once-a-year, handwringing, letter-writing exercise, we use postcards. Your messages are short and sweet, paired with a simple photograph you can take yourself.

For example, one realtor we serve sends a monthly message to his A-list sphere in postcard updates about his first year as a father. These include a photo of his baby boy, and a message reflecting on the milestones his family is experiencing.

As much as your customers seek out your services because of what you do, they come back and refer business to you because of who you are. Let us help you share a little bit of yourself through a custom Postcards from the Heart series.

It's such a creative and persuasive way to build lifetime customer relationships!

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