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Stop Chasing Transactions. Start Building Relationships.

In real estate, lending and virtually every small business, there can be a tendency to focus most marketing resources on working cold leads.

I often meet with prospects who describe their frustration with transaction-focused marketing efforts. They might have purchased e-mail addresses from an Internet resource and blasted out unsolicited offers. They might have wasted money on random advertising. Or they might be drowning in social media ideas that take MUCH more time to execute than they return in value.

In scenarios like these, businesses are trying to turn complete strangers into clients. While it’s important to mine new pipelines, working cold leads is supremely difficult. It’s time consuming, unfocused, and not very fruitful.

There is a better way: Build on the relationships you already have with current clients, past clients, family and social circles. In doing so, you will shift your marketing paradigm to a referral model.

Every business case ever proves that marketing by referral is the most cost-effective way to build a thriving, successful business.

By cultivating your relationships - and asking for their business and referrals - you eventually create a pipeline of strong leads that consistently convert into sales, and continue to build upon themselves.

Direct mail is one of the strongest channels available to put a referral marketing plan into action. Postcards are a cost-effective, cruise-control method for staying in touch with past clients consistently and in perpetuity!

Arriving in a client’s mail box every month, in a great-looking postcard format, helps the client remember you when friends or family ask for a referral.

Think about it. In one simple meeting with us, you can orchestrate a plan for staying in touch with your clients every month, all year long. The monthly reminders we send remind clients that you are still doing great work, open to new referrals, and enthusiastic about your relationship.

Of course, direct mail is only one touch point to build a thriving referral business. Our clients have found that as a cost-effective foundational tool, direct mail can not be beat: results drive respect!

And Reaching Neighbors does direct mail better than anyone. The professionally written content in our series postcards highlights your expertise, with useful, keeper-quality information. Our modern designs incorporate your branded colors, fonts, photographs, and logo. We value our clients and are easy to do business with. I’d love to tell you more. Reach out any time.

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