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What Nashville Realtors Taught Us

Yesterday we sat down with some smart-working Nashville realtors, at the invitation of Legacy Mutual Mortgage’s Shawn Kaplan, who hosted us at his latest Learn and Earn seminar.

Shawn asked us to share proven direct mail strategies for helping realtors increase meaningful cutomer interactions that drive new business. We were happy to oblige! The goal? Give realtors a simple but effective way to consistently remind customers of their presence and professionalism, while reaching out to new markets.

We shared the ins and outs of smart direct mail, like why consistency matters, what high-quality printing & graphics bring, and the importance of mailing relevant content. It was a great meeting.

We also did a lot of listening, and these Nashville's real estate professionals brought our attention to several key points:

1) Hustle counts. The Nashville real estate market is, like most, highly competitive. Realtors need supportive partners who are flexible and willing go the extra mile to ensure their marketing messages are accurate, timely and professional. We talked about how a mass-print provider can never be that partner. Realtors need a direct marketing partner who knows them, and actually cares about their business. (We strive to be that flexible, willing partner – and are doubling down on those efforts based on this feedback!)

2) Convenience is everything. While realtors know they must keep in regular contact with their sphere customers and reach out to new prospects, they can’t spend an inordinate amount of time on those efforts. They need programs like our cruise-control postcard series, which is set up once and covers a whole year of mailings, requiring very little maintenance (just simple list updates, which we make easy). Also, our postcards on-demand website utility lets realtors create and mail custom postcards in less than 24 hours. (Conveniences like these make a real difference and we continue to innovate!)

3) It is critical to project reliability. Every local home buying community is its own small world where reputation matters. Projecting an image of reliability is of utmost importance, so professional branding is a must. Your colors, fonts, logos and photographs need to be on point, every time. (We’ve made quality in graphics and printing the cornerstone of our business!)

Special thanks to Shawn Kaplan for inviting us to speak at this valuable Learn and Earn seminar, and for introducing us to some of Nashville’s smartest-working realtors.

p.s. We are always happy to share our knowledge. Call us anytime if you’re interested in our presentation of best practices for smart direct mail. 210-496-6352.

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