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What You're Really Mailing Is Your Image - Use A Pro

Every good brand starts with good design. It’s essentially your business’s first impression, and critical to creating a sense of reliability and trust.

When prospects discover your business, they appraise you in a logical mental order.

It starts with what they see. Before prospects absorb your written marketing messages, they assess you visually.

It happens in an optical instant. From there, design plays a constant role, helping you make (and maintain) a positive first impression.

The good news is that, for the most part, the small businesses we serve – realtors, lenders, roofers, dentists, etc. – have begun to understand the importance of good brand design, and are aiming higher.

More and more, they are working with professional graphic artists and photographers to create a design toolkit (see our infographic below). The toolkit is simple but complete. It contains everything they need to send great-looking messages: a professional logo with variations, established fonts, coordinated colors, and good photographs.

Working with professional artists and photographers is key. While it’s not rocket science, good design requires you to make visual choices that reflect the best of your brand. These are choices you live with.

Your design toolkit will require an upfront investment – usually a minimum of $1,000 (unless your sister-in-law is a great designer) with cost reflecting quality. Done right, your design toolkit will pay for itself many times over.

Once you have your design toolkit, every single print material should reflect and bolster your brand. Your direct mail postcards are no exception!

Never accept dull colors, blurred printing, inflexible fonts, miss-sized photographs, or indistinct logos. You’ve invested in a professional brand because you realize that impressions matter.

So every impression -- including every single postcard -- should be crisp, clear, inviting and trust-building.

At Reaching Neighbors, we understand this. We are known for outstanding design and printing that creates a positive impression every time. See our examples, then contact us to get started.

p.s. Design doesn’t have to be complicated! You need a few key elements. Work with a professional graphic artist and professional photographer. Make sure your postcard printing honors your investment!

Example design toolkit for a realtor, lender, or small business owner.
Example design toolkit for a realtor, lender, or small business owner.

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